How To Buy Tickets Online

Step 1: Access

Step 2: Choose the event you like to join 

  • Buy individual tickets

Click on "Individual Register" à “Buy Ticket”

Click on  “ Save &à Buyer Info”

Then fill out the form with buyer info and tick on the checkbox "require invoice" if you need it. 

Next, you click on " Save & à Participant information”. Fill out the participant's info form and click on " Save&Payment”

On the payment page, you choose one of the payment methods below: 

+ Momo Wallet

+ VNPay (use ATM/QR code/Visa/Master/JCB)

+ Bank transfer 

Click on the checkbox to agree with the terms of TimVe365 and the rule of the race

  • Buy group tickets

Please contact us for support via our hotline 0977005090