Complaint Process

If the User believes that any content, material, image, video or other material provided through the TimVe365 platform is infringing including but not limited to infringement of intellectual property rights intellectual property, quality, content...The user notifies TimVe365 of the above breach, according to the specific procedure described below.

  • TimVe365 will handle each notice of infringement that TimVe365 received and handle it in accordance with the law.
  • The time limit for settling complaints is within 07 (seven) working days after receiving a complaint from the complainant. In force majeure circumstances, the parties will negotiate on their own.
  • To help TimVe365 have sufficient facilities to meet the requirements of the complaints, please send a written notice with the following information:
    • Violation content
    • Violation grounds
    • Contact information of complainant such as an address, phone number, email 
    • The complainant declares that the information in the complaint notice is accurate and accepts legal liability for such information.

Complain Process

Step 1: The buyer submits a complaint.

Step 2: Complaint is received 

  • If the Complaint is not valid, TimVe365 will send the complainant a notification of closing the complaint. 
  • If the Complaint is valid, TimVe365 will receive and open the complaint session, and take preventive measures, if any.
  • If the parties come to an agreement after clarifying the complaint. TimVe365 will stop the complaint. 
  • If TimVe365 decides to investigate the complaint. The complainant will be notified of the decision. 

Step 3: Investigate  the complaint

  • TimVe365 conducts the investigate
  • TimVe365 requires the parties to provide relevant documents and information. 

Step 4: Complete the complaint. Confirm the results and proceed to close the complaint.